• Entry level Industrial Modem(GPRS) for m2m comms and GPS tracking
  • RS232
  • GPIO
  • AT Commands & Python Script friendly

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The quikCONNECT ZETA 2G/GPRS modem range offers advanced GPRS based M2M connectivity performance at a low cost. 

The ZETA range is suitable for a wide range of applications, and has been extensively tested and qualified for robust reliable performance. With a large and varied installation base at many large organisations, and in public spaces, the ZETA has built up a solid reputation and following and is now The modem choice for many organisations. the range is ideally suited to all M2M applications including remote monitoring and being incorporated into vehicles. It has a very compact but tough enclosure making it a simple operation to integrate it into your system.

Unusually, the standard, non GPS ZETA version has a very wide supply voltage capability of 5-60V - unique for this class of modem at the price point. This makes the ZETA modem particularly useable on vehicles and trucks, with a large margin of safety from higher voltage spikes. All other versions of the ZETA have a 5-42V supply range

The ZETA 2G/GPRS  range enables wireless communication with your equipment using CSD and GPRS data services provided by the networks. Incorporating Quad Band GPRS Class 10 technology, the ZETA 2G/GPRS range operates around the globe and with an extended temperature range and it can be used successfully in harsh environments. This modem is ideal for use with the M2M SIM Services currently offered.

The ZETA 2G/GPRS range is also available with GPS - see part number information


With its advanced features, robust design, plug and play ease of use, and state of the art functions, the ZETA modem is a perfect choice for use in many varied applications such as remote monitoring and control, AMR meter reading, telemetry, logistics, diagnostics, remote access, vending and security.

The  ZETA 2G/GPRS starter kit is the easy way of familiarising yourself with the ZETA series of modems. It has all the components needed to get the modem running out-of-the-box. It comes with a power supply, RS232 cable and Mike 1A antenna. See ZETA GPRS Accessories for the full range of accessory products for the range, including power supply, power cable and interface cables.

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